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There are several ways to get started.  I offer private and confidential one-on-one sessions that can include psychic readings, spiritual guidance, life coaching and energy healing or any combination thereof!  I offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions.  Sessions are held through live video, telephone or chat – whichever you prefer. My standard rate is $125 per hour with special packages available for those willing to commit and invest in their well being. I look forward to helping you find one that matches your needs.

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Or you can take a peek at the Empower U section and enroll in any of the classes that are currently being offered.

Want a group atmosphere? Please sign up to join my Facebook Community page; Empower U, and receive tips and inspiration to become the best possible version of you!

If you are Ready to work with me one on one click the button below and send me a message so we can get connected and schedule what works best for you.

I’m Ready

Here’s what others are saying:

I would love to share the wonderful coaching experience I received, I knew I had many issues to deal with, and my situation was distracting my focus and ability to find myself. Dana helped with sorting through the confusion and blocks. Lead me to be able to find that spark of joy, and confidence I needed to work through all the issues. Am so very grateful in this and the timing of it all, for sure was universally planned! Being and having help from Dana in dealing with the many issues has opened so many new doors! There are no judgements, and Dana is a person you feel comfortable confiding in.   She researches info and shares as wanted or needed to get us on our way to joy and happiness, leaving the old baggage behind !!! Again I am very Grateful for Dana in helping me and many others to come! Blessings and Love to All ~ Brenda 💖

Dana is a wonderful coach and mentor.  Working with her gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself, discover talents, and gain the confidence to build my business and reach my goals.  We immediately connected as if we have been friends for many lifetimes.  Dana’s coaching, knowledge, and desire to help others is sincere, yet to the point.  My life will forever be changed for the better because of the work we have done.  I cannot thank her enough.  I highly recommend Dana’s coaching.  She gives you all the tools you need for success, and makes you do all the work while cheering you on and supporting you. ~ Christi Wilson

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