Shout out to all the people and things that I love!


Amber Flavia – Amber is a spiritual healer, therapist and shaman.  She is available for Aura, Intuitive & Tarot readings. She also offers Psychic development, Integration Process sessions, mentoring, Reiki & meditation classes.  She is truly gifted! Reach Amber at


Heather Ryland – Heather is a shaman, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Channeller.  She offers Akashic Record readings, Reiki attunements and personalized healing sessions.  She is an incredible healer and she’s local to me, which I absolutely love! Contact Heather through her website at


Jennie Peace – Jennie is an author and channeller.  She offers readings, guided meditations and classes.  I’ve had many private sessions with Jennie and she’s become an integral part of my journey.   The work that she does is absolutely amazing!  You can find Jennie at



Meredith Pavlidis – Owner at Meredith offers DNA Activations/Upgrades, Energetic Empowerments & Activations, Aura & Chakra Cleansing, Crystal Therapy, Healing Sessions, and Spiritual Response Therapy.   She is amazing! Check out all that she offers on her website at

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Crystal Starshine aka (Crystal Fire Fox)– Crystal is a teacher, author, High Priestess, Shamanic Minister, psychic and coach – and AWESOME! She is also the woman that certified me as an Ethical Psychic and Life Coach.  Needless to say, she’s been a major influence on me and has helped me tremendously on my path.  You can see what Crystal is up to these days at

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