Hey there! Thanks for coming over to check out the Empower University!  I created this virtual university so that you have a place to come and take various classes that can help you to become the absolute best version of yourself, not that you aren’t perfect already, it’s just that the path to enlightenment isn’t always easy to navigate.  There could be times where you feel stuck or have a specific area that you would like to further develop or there may simply be something that you would like to learn more about.  I know how difficult it can be to find classes geared towards personal development and I know that it is even more difficult to find teachers and mentors that you can trust.  This is where Empower University can help.  Here you can find a list of courses and teachers available to you!  So, take a look and honor your inner-calling by signing up today.  Trust that you have been guided here for a reason.

Waiting for courses to be available? Come on over and join our Empower U Private Facebook Community by signing up HERE.

Here’s what others have been saying about the courses:

I really enjoyed our 6 week course. It came at the perfect time because I had been looking for someone who I can actually speak to in person, rather than just online, about all the things I have gone through and am still going through since my awakening. I really felt like you understood me, and answered my questions thoroughly, and I appreciated the time you took just to simply listen. I found the affirmations to be awkward at first, but they became easier after a period of time. And I love the suggestions you made too about the use of crystals in the water. Overall, I am very happy with your services, your Page, your experience, and your friendship. I definitely hope to keep in touch. Thank you for everything you have done, and all that you continue to do. ~ Angel-Rose Celestian.


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