5-2-17 Intuitive Tuesday Reveal!


Card 1 – Mental Conflict – This card indicates a mental struggle that may be leaving you feeling quite stuck and unable to move forward.  Perhaps you aren’t sure exactly how you should proceed.  Whatever the case is for you, ask yourself if these thoughts that you are having are based in love or fear.  Try to eliminate the concerns that you have that are fear based and then make the decision to move forward.  Things will start to come together for you after you make the decision to “unstick” yourself.  Meditation can help with this.

Card 2 – Emotional Withdrawal – This card represents a situation that you are withdrawing from emotionally or is advising you to remove some of the emotions you have tied up in the situation.  It can be difficult to find clarity when you’re so emotionally invested because you can get so caught up with the emotional aspect that you can actually leave out some of the logic that is necessary to see your way out of the situation.  Take a break!  Remove yourself from the situation, even if just temporarily, so that you can find a fresh approach to handling it.

Card 3 – Fulfillment of Wishes – Wonderful things are coming your way!  You’ve reached a level where all that you have been working towards can finally reach you now.  A congratulations is in order!  Be on the lookout for the treasures that are awaiting you as they are bigger than you have been hoping for.  Give thanks for all the blessings that are on their way to you now.

Card 4 – Solar Plexus Chakra – The solar plexus deals with your self esteem and your personal power.  This card indicates a situation surrounding you that is directly related to this chakra – your stomach may have been in knots lately or you may be experiencing other issues with your stomach and/or feelings of powerlessness.  Healing this chakra will allow you to see the power that you truly hold and to take action with confidence.  Eating yellow foods, wearing yellow clothing, and carrying crystals that correspond to this chakra is recommended for you at this time.

Thank you all for participating and please contact me if you would like to schedule your own personal reading!

Peace, love and blessings,


4-26-17 Card Reveal!


Card 1 – Opportunity Beckons – This card often speaks of an opportunity that you may be missing.  You may be caught up in some sort of sadness or situation that is causing you to turn your back on the possibilities that surround you.  Or perhaps you are so busy looking for it that you’re not able to see that it’s so close to you.  Either way, the opportunity is there!  It is up to you to open your eyes to it.

Card 2 – Nurture – This card indicates a lot of growth and healing taking place for you at this time.  You’re basking in all the lovely things that are happening for you – even if they aren’t actually taking place yet, you are certainly feeling all the good things to come!  This card also shows that you’ve been spreading your love and joy with others and being a light for them.  What a beautiful time for you!

Card 3 – Confront – Inner child healing.  You are being asked to face some wounds and traumas you experienced during childhood.  Many people aren’t aware of how the wounds suffered during childhood are carried into adulthood where they are recreated in order to attempt to heal the initial wound.  Healing this part of you will give you the results you desire.

Card 4 – Observe – There is much going on around you at this time.  Many changes are taking place for you on multiple levels.  You are seeing and feeling these changes and you may not even be fully aware of all that is really happening.  Observe the changes taking place.  Try not to get caught up in reacting to them.  Just allow the process to unfold naturally.  All is well and will lead to much growth and clarity for you.

I hope you received the messages meant for you! Contact me if you would like to schedule a personal reading.

Peace, love and blessings


4-18-17 Intuitive Tuesday Reveal!



Card 1 – Love – The message in this card is one of love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness for yourself as well as those around you. There may be a situation surrounding you that really needs these energies at this time so that healing can take place.  Try to shift any lower vibrational energies by seeing the situation through the eyes of Love.  This could give you the awareness that you need in order to truly move on.

Card 2 – Dawn – It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.  Things may have been difficult for you lately – there may have been a situation that was difficult to navigate and see your way out of but you are in the clear now.  Just ahead lies the new beginning you’ve been asking for.  You have made it through and better things await you now!  Embrace the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Card 3 – Tree – You are laying a firm foundation in your life at this time.  This could mean that your progress may not be so visible to the naked eye or perhaps you may feel that you aren’t where you had hoped you would be by now.  Know that you are in the beginning stage of your next endeavor and that grounding yourself is important in order for those plans/hopes/dreams of yours to take off!  Take the time now to build this foundation so that your plan has the support it needs in order to manifest.

Card 4 – Meadow – Fresh new ideas, inspirations and insights are surrounding you, giving you new life, in a sense.  You are like a flower bursting its way out of the soil that has held it down and covered it up for so long that is now filled with new possibilities, opportunities and motivation.  Use this vitality to keep reaching new heights.

Card 5 – Forest – This card is asking you to be still and focus.  I feel that there are some decisions that need to be made and things to be sorted through.  The forest is a place where you can go to in order to find the solitude and stillness needed to make the choices that are right for you.  You don’t literally need to go to the forest to make your decision or for the answer to find you – just relax and still your mind.  Allow the answers to come to you.

I hope I was able to bring you some insight and clarity today.  Please contact me if you would like to book your own personal reading session.  Thank you and have an awesome day!

Staying In An Abusive Relationship to Keep Your Kids Safe From the Abuse

There was a time during my marriage, many years in fact, that I believed staying in the situation was somehow better than getting out of it. All of the unknowns seemed too much to bare. As crazy as it sounds, the truth is that the abuse had become familiar – a part of everyday life. On top of that, there was some level of thinking that as long as I was around, I had some control over the abuse that was taking place. I feared that if I left he would be free to be abusive to my children and I wouldn’t be able to protect them. This is because, as the spouse, I incurred the worst of it all. So I decided that staying was the best form of protection for my children. I know that I am not alone in this way of thinking as I encounter many abuse victims with the same mentality. Unfortunately, when we are in situations like this, our thinking becomes distorted and we make choices that allow the abuse to continue. What we aren’t thinking at the time is that our children are still being abused. We think we are the only ones feeling the effects of it all. This simply isn’t true. The truth is that our children are not only feeling it but they are seeing it as well. They are absorbing everything that is taking place in their environment. They may not understand it but they are definitely aware that things aren’t right at home. However, as much as they may know that their home life is far from what it should be or how much they wish things were different, they are also learning to be like the adults in the situation. This means that they will grow up to either be like the abusive parent or to be like the one that accepts the abuse. Furthermore, the effects are damaging. The longer they are exposed to the abuse, the more trauma they experience, even if it isn’t being done directly to them. But it is. We just may not see it at the time because we are so caught up in the abuse and our own thoughts and vision has become cloudy and distorted. An abusive person in the home abuses everyone in the home. There are no exceptions!

It’s been three years since he’s moved out and the effects of the abuse are still present. Even with going to Al-Anon and counseling, the inner turmoil, pain and confusion still lingers in their minds and bodies.  To make matters worse, the influence that the relationship has had on them has been embedded in their psyche. Despite all they have learned in recovery, it’s painfully obvious that they have assumed a role in their future relationships already and until they are really willing to do the inner work that is required to heal, they will continue to suffer from the effects of the toxic relationship.

The best thing we can do is to SHOW them that this behavior is unacceptable. We can also show them that true change is possible. By empowering ourselves, we become a new type of role model for them. They may not see it at the time but eventually they will. Healing from abuse is a messy process. It’s important not to get discouraged because we aren’t seeing the progress we may be hoping for but trust that we all have the ability to overcome any trauma that we have experienced. Staying in an abusive relationship is never the answer. Take it from someone that knows.


Empaths and The Need To Fix Others

I’ve been thinking alot lately about how Empaths are drawn to individuals that don’t always have their best interests at heart.  I am no stranger to the connection between Empaths and Narcissists as this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart and so I thought I would expand upon the role that Empaths play in all of this, since we know that they are usually the ones that end up suffering the most as a result of this “attraction.”  Empaths are sensitive to energy and have the amazing ability to be able to pick up on other people’s pain and suffering.  This pain and suffering isn’t necessarily obvious, meaning it’s usually buried within the individual, as is the case with most people.  The Empath themselves have this pain buried deep within and this subconsciously draws them to the other person like a magnet.  Now, this is not the kind of thing you want happening when it comes to the romance department.  As Empaths, we can tend to want to give others the love that they may have never had or were missing from a parent or caregiver.  Many Empaths can certainly relate and identify with this, whether they’re aware of it or not.  Because of their own need for healing the Empath will try to fix others in an attempt to heal their own initial trauma.  This unfortunately leads to more pain and suffering as these relationships usually fail.  This makes the Empath feel even more defeated and can lead to many more people and situations coming to them that require “fixing.”  The Universe keeps putting these people together so that they will awaken to their OWN need for healing.  If Empaths want to change the type of people they are attracting, then the solution is simple: heal the trauma that caused the initial pain and suffering.  This will cause a change in the frequency being emitted from the individual.   They will start to attract people capable of true intimacy and all the other things that Empaths truly desire in a relationship.  Until they deal with the wounds of the past, they are essentially pushing away from them the love that they really do desire.  Don’t confuse fixing people with loving them.

Beware of the Spiritual Narcissist

I’m noticing a new breed of narcissist lately.  Perhaps they aren’t new but they’ve recently become quite prominent in my awareness.  I’m sure you’ve encountered them too but they may have slid past you as you stood there in a state of confusion and disbelief over what you were just told or maybe even what you’ve just read in a message or on your very own Facebook.  These “Spiritual Narcissists” are the ones that insult you or put you down and then polish it off with “love and light.”  They use their spiritual beliefs to invalidate your feelings, telling you things to undermine your own personal experiences by throwing things back at you in statements such as, “But everyone is just a reflection of you” or “You did this to yourself” in situations where it’s just uncalled for.  I will give you an example.  I often post about narcissists and, in response, I’ve read statements like “Narcissists don’t exist because we are all one” or “There are no victims because you planned all of this before you incarnated here.”  Look, I’ve done all the healing and analyzing and rehashing a person can do in this aspect – this is my niche, along with my passion and purpose!  Of course I’m going to view all of this from every angle possible – that’s what an open-minded person that walks the healing path does – and this is what I’ve come up with.  These people are narcissists themselves.  They just use spirituality as a disguise for their attack.  Their statements are not helpful.  Furthermore, I KNOW my clients and my followers and I KNOW that they have spent massive amounts of time and energy already BLAMING themselves and trying everything possible to attempt to make the narcissists in their lives happy.  I KNOW they’ve already told themselves hundreds of times that the problem may actually be them, in these relationships.  They don’t need anyone throwing things like this at them because they’ve beat themselves up enough!  And to tell ANYONE that has suffered the wrath of a narcissist, that narcissists don’t exist and that these people are a reflection of them is completely ridiculous!  Would they tell someone that’s been raped that rapists don’t exist or to those that have been molested that molesters don’t exist and that these people are a reflection of them?  While I can agree that we have chosen our paths before we were born and that people are our mirrors, I don’t really feel that that is always beneficial to one’s healing to know, especially when we’re dealing with abuse and trauma.   Experiencers (I don’t like the word “victim” so I chose experiencers instead) have to heal themselves enough to get to a level where that kind of information can be better accepted and integrated.  Acceptance is part of the healing process – believe me, I know!  And as someone that has recovered from abuse, I know that we are faced with all sorts of painful truths in this process that we need to accept if we are to heal and move on.  Some of these truths take more time to swallow than others.  It isn’t right to make others feel bad or feel like something is wrong with them if they aren’t on that level.  That really isn’t coming from a loving place.  While it is empowering to accept that we are and always have been ultimately in charge of our destiny, no one wants to hear that at a time of real grief and heartache.

These abusers are not necessarily our mirror in that we are like them.  Let’s be honest here, some of them are really not right in the head and I know people that have suffered from unthinkable things all while being in the hands of someone that is supposed to love and protect them.  Most of us have sat around asking ourselves how in the world anyone could do some of the things that have been done to us.  The truth here is that these abusers are our teachers.  They are here to show us all the power we give away freely.  They are here to teach us that we can heal from past trauma and that we have the ability to change our reality.  You can go from survivor to thriver – and this is usually the purpose the abuse serves in the first place – this is a whole topic in itself!  My point is that none of that makes the abuse okay.  Abuse should never be acceptable – I don’t care how spiritual you are!  Yes in the grand scheme of things our abusers are very important to us awakening to our soul purpose and reaching our highest potential, but that doesn’t mean that you are to accept or condone it!  And anyone that lacks empathy in these situations is no different than the people who have been abusive to us in the past.  They are just a necessary part of empowering ourselves on a whole new level.  That’s all.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know is right.  Don’t allow someone to be abusive towards you just because they are throwing around some spiritual mumbo jumbo at you in an effort to make themselves seem more advanced or to feel better about themselves.  At their core, they are lacking compassion and empathy.  You can tell.  They’re not really promoting healing and forgiveness but instead are finding another avenue to project their own insecurities onto others.  Learn to read the energy behind the intent of others, but learn it from a place of Love and not Fear.  More importantly, trust the information that comes to you.  If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Don’t allow anyone to make you feel like shit.  Period.

The First Step to Leaving a Toxic Relationship

I have many clients that reach out to me because they are in a toxic relationship and don’t know how to get out of it.  It isn’t that far into the coaching that it becomes obvious that they simply aren’t ready to – which is perfectly fine and once we get to this point, then the real work can begin.  You see, often we stay in these relationships because we are scared of the change.  What if I can’t find someone else? What if nobody wants me?  I can’t imagine my life without so-and-so….and so we stay.  Once we face the fears that we allow to keep us in the situation, then we are ready to move forward.

It’s important to remember that our fears will lie to us, tell us all sorts of stories to prevent us from seeing things they way they actually are.  In the overall picture it’s important to ask yourself what really matters to you.  Is it better to allow yourself to be used as a punching bag or to be walked all over and beaten down mentally, emotionally, financially and/or physically?  It really helps to keep things in perspective when you start thinking about the things that are really important.

Once you start to face your fears and see them for what they are and start to heal the parts of you that once felt undeserving and unlovable, I promise you that you won’t ever let anyone treat you in a way that makes you feel this way again.  You start to make better choices about the energy that you surround yourself with.  Don’t be surprised if your romantic relationship isn’t the only relationship that gets dissolved in this process.  Once you awaken to the truths of things like narcissism, you start to see these behaviors in other people, including maybe even yourself, and you will usually steer clear of those exhibiting these same behavior patterns.

Leaving a toxic relationship is one of the most difficult things many of us have had to do.  It is also the most loving and empowering thing you can do for yourself – and it even sets a great example to any children that may be caught in the middle of it all.  You send a big message to the Universe too, letting it know that you are no longer tolerating unacceptable behaviors.  Do you know what happens when you do this with conviction? The Universe stops sending people to you that treat you in this way.  This whole new world opens up for you and where you were once surrounded in darkness and chaos, you now peacefully sit surrounded in love.

Do the work.  Get yourself to that place you need to be in order to get yourself out of the situation.  Once you get there, the answers will come.  The only thing you need to figure out is all the ways you’re going to show yourself just how much you love yourself.  Start today!

Narcissism in a Nutshell

Yeah.  We’ve all been there, well, most of us have anyway.  There are those that seemingly never get preyed on in the horrid ways that many of us have experienced.  Although at one time, you best believe they did or else they wouldn’t be the way they are now.   They learned it from somewhere or someone – or both!  Their environment as a child most likely was full of abandonment, neglect, or abuse and, because of this, they developed a “void” in them.  It also made them emotionally withdrawn, turning them into emotionally unavailable adults.  Many of them come off as normal, fun-loving people at first.  But underneath that False Self lies a person that fills their void within by feeding off the energy of others.

They have many ways in which they do this.  They purposely bring about situations that cause you pain and suffering.  They may withhold affection or attention, give you the silent treatment, or perhaps they “push your buttons” just to get a rise out of you.  They may yell at you and call you all the horrible things that they feel about themselves just to make you feel like shit about yourself.  They will play mind games to keep you in a state of confusion and they will often exhibit unpredictable behavior that keeps you in a state of panic and fear.  They will lie to you all day long and think nothing of it.  These are people that look out only for themselves and not in a healthy way.  Their only objective is to find people that will allow them to walk all over them, people they can use to attempt to fill that black hole within themselves.  But the hole never gets filled.  Nothing is ever enough for these people and because of this, they literally destroy the people that truly care about them.  They suck them dry – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and usually financially.  They are parasites in every sense of the word.  And just like any other parasite, they must have a host to live off of.  So many of us become this host without even realizing it.  The next thing you know, they have their cords in you so deep and you can’t figure out how to untangle any of it.  In the mean time, they just take you down further and further and further – until there’s nothing left for them to take.  Then they toss you to the side or pretend that you don’t even exist because they’ve already found another host.  Some of them continue to come around and poke at you just to get their jollies off every now and then.  It’s easy for them.  It’s fun for them.  It temporarily relieves them of their own emptiness and that is ultimately what it all comes down to – these people are EMPTY!  I know so many of us want to believe that there is SOMETHING inside of them that is good and loving, but you will destroy yourself looking for it, only to find that it most likely isn’t there.  And for what?  The reason most of us keep waiting for this other person to get their shit together is to avoid dealing with our own insecurities.  Yup.  I said it.  And thus the cycle keeps going and going and going…..

Until that day when you decide that you’re done with people taking advantage of you, abusing you, controlling you and you take your power back.  That is the day you become reborn.

I hope you find the strength to take your power back!

Sending you lots of love,

Dana Marie

Another Shift in Progress

I can feel it.  The feeling is uncomfortable on a physical and energetic level.  There is a feeling that something is going to happen but you don’t know what or when and so you’re just waiting somewhat restlessly in the calm before the storm.  Personally I am still in some sort of recalibration from the last shift that occurred around the recent solar eclipse.  The last few nights I have found that I am just exhausted and have been passing out earlier than usual.  Tomorrow is 3/3 which means there is another  gateway opening up.  These are opportunities to embrace the energies available to us, to utilize them in a way that is beneficial to us.  I have found that it is always best to be conscious of these things as opposed to being caught off guard by them but that has certainly happened to me on more than one occasion.  Sometimes I will get a “heads up” from my guides that a shift is about to occur.  Other times, I have literally been thrown off balance when they have occurred or experienced a lot of dizziness or nausea.  I don’t get alarmed when these things happen.  I see them as confirmation that things are indeed happening, that things are actually shifting.  It’s all good no matter how uncomfortable it may be at the time.  Growth and change is uncomfortable on some level anyway.  Then there are the internal shifts that I’ve experienced.  Some have been gradual shifts, you know, things I have been “working” on.  While others have happened seemingly out of nowhere and instantaneous. I can literally feel the energy shift in my body.  I can feel how the energy is able to flow better there, like a new pathway opened up – it’s hard to explain.   I am always thankful that I work from home when these things are happening.  It could be awkward being at a job and having to work while going through these things – I can’t even imagine, to be honest.

The other shift I’ve been feeling has been taking place in my head.  I can feel more parts of my head activating.  They feel like little explosions taking place, like something that was dormant is suddenly bursting into life.  It’s not painful but there are times the feeling is intense.  It’s just alot of activity, for lack of a better word lol.  It’s very exciting to me though because it means that changes are taking place leading to more growth and expansion.  I gobble that shit up!  Bring it on! Haha!  But for now, I’m just sitting in this state of uncomfortable awkwardness until this next shift actually happens.

Anyway, I wish you all the best!   Happy Shifting to you 🙂

Going through a breakup

There was a time when I was deep in my misery and my codependency that I subconsciously began filling my inner void with, of all things, animals.  I’m not talking about something you’d see on an episode of Hoarders, which made it even more difficult to see at the time.  You see, we all come across these things from time to time, whether it be something on the news or an article or some episode of My Strange Addiction, and most of us wonder what the hell is wrong with these people.  But we say or think this, unaware of our own addictions and afflictions.  These people have often started out like many of us and then kept going further down the rabbit hole.  The void within eventually takes over and it is insatiable!  Next thing you know you’re defecating in  a corner in the living room.

Since my awareness has heightened, I am aware of all sorts of addictions that people have and yet they don’t “think” they have a problem.  For example, sugar.  I know people personally that have this addiction to sugar where they must have something sweet on a daily basis.  If they don’t have it, they get all irritable and start jonesing just like someone addicted to drugs.  Or that sneaky addiction to people that is so misunderstood that keeps people jumping from one relationship to the next to avoid looking at the void within themselves.  The list goes on and on really.

I have my own shortcomings so I’m not faulting anyone.  My point is that I am aware of these issues within myself and as we all know, acceptance is the first step to recovery.  I have faith and trust in the process as I have been through it on multiple levels during the past few years.  I am certainly no stranger to addiction since my dad was an alcoholic and addict and my ex husband is an alcoholic as well.  But there are other addictions that are more subtle and not so talked about such as sugar or scratch-offs or collecting things.  Many of these addictions go unrecognized because many of us justify it to ourselves because we think we are not hurting anyone else but ourselves.  That’s not true.  The truth is that as long as we are not facing up to our own shortcomings other people do suffer on some level because of us.  Just take the people that have to live with the people that are at that level that they ended up on a television show or in that article.  You don’t think they want to live like that, do you?  Or the children that are in a house with an addict or alcoholic?  We all know that they suffer in so many ways because of their parent’s addiction.

So, back to the original point of this post, since I am super aware of cycles and patterns that people “suffer” from I obviously catch them in myself as well.  And because I refuse to allow myself to fall under the trap of the ego, I face these things head on.  Back to the animals…I have realized that I had an unhealthy relationship with many of my pets.  The things that I am trying to move away from, the things that aren’t a part of the life that I envision for myself, has alot to do with these animals.  I’ve been aware of this for quite some time now but have just really began to be proactive in aligning myself to that vision that I have for myself.  Last week, I rehomed two of my cats.  I also placed an ad for my sweet bird over a month ago.  Believe me, it took alot of examination of my beliefs surrounding pets and the responsibility that they are – what an important decision it is when we decide to care for another life – all of it.  But what it boiled down to was what is in everyone’s best interest.  I no longer have the time and energy to dedicate to them and to cleaning up after them.  I want to use my energy and time doing other things, like focusing on my business and living my purpose.  I am still keeping some of my pets, but I am making it all more manageable.  I am able to let them go with ease because I truly feel that it’s what is best.  I have checked in with the kitties’ new owners and everyone is quite happy.  One got to go and be on “only kitty” so imagine how much attention he gets now instead of having to share with 4 others.

I believe that sometimes we have to sacrifice the wants of the ego for the needs of the soul. Sometimes we tend to overthink about the changes we know we need to make and that keeps us in that same cycle.  I choose to end the cycles that keep me in a state of suppression.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the rewards far outweigh the temporary feelings of inadequacy that the ego likes to make us succumb to.  I’m stronger than that.  You are too.  I hope you find the strength to overcome whatever keeps you in a cycle of unhappiness and frustration.  If I can do it, so can you.  Blessings to you and I thank you for reading.

The Inner Battle

I experienced something this weekend that takes the concept of what we know as an Inner Battle to a whole different level.  So this Saturday my ex came to pick up the kids and while he was here waiting for them to get ready and gather their things, I began to feel something in my solar plexus.  By something, I mean something that didn’t feel right, things started moving around in there and so I began to Reiki myself in order to clear it.  He leaves and my uncle and I decide to tackle on a new kitchen countertop project in my kitchen – this is a story in itself, but I’m not going “there” now lol.  Anyway, we decide to go to Ikea to buy some butcher block.  This turns into a three and a half hour ordeal – it’s 110 miles roundtrip plus navigating that place was an experience all in itself since neither of us have ever been there before.  It was a madhouse too!  We couldn’t find the car, which I thought was absolutely hysterical, but yeah, definitely an experience.  So we get home finally and again I begin to not feel right in my solar plexus.  I thought, “Well, maybe I picked something up from one of the hundreds of people I encountered today,” and began to begin clearing and healing myself.  I decide to close my eyes and see what’s happening (this is one way I see Spirit) and  I see two males fighting, one had samurai swords and the other had some Excalibur-looking sword.  I start throwing out every symbol and clearing method I know to see if anything changes and it doesn’t.  So I decide to reach out to another healer, my personal Reiki teacher and see if he can tell me what’s going on – he’s really good at that lol.  So he takes a look and he tells me that its an Inner Battle that was ensuing because of the visit from my ex!  While I was happy to have the answer that I was looking for, I wasn’t happy to hear what I heard at all.  I challenged what he told me.  I told him I had been busy all day and didn’t even have time to think about my ex! I had just sat down to relax a minute when all this started happening.  Inside, I knew he was right and I realized this Inner Battle was not on a conscious level, meaning I didn’t do anything to bring it on, yet here I was now in the middle of it.  I get tired sometimes of all the healing that I have to do because of a relationship that I haven’t been in for 2 years now.  You would not believe the amount of energy work that I have done! I’ll get off my soap box now.  Anyway, this battle went on for about 2 hours or so.  I carried about with the rest of my evening while this was taking place.  I could feel it when it ended and now because I had been involved in a battle, I now had to be healed and because of the level that this battle occurred I needed some serious healing, which is always such an amazing experience for me because I encounter such beautiful, loving energies during the process.  Long story short, a massive healing and clearing transpired.  Even though I was not happy initially that this was taking place, I know that massive healings usually happen this way.  I can’t tell you how many Saturday nights I’ve spent at home because of these “spontaneous” spiritual experiences lol.  It’s all good! No! It’s all super awesome!  I remember a time when feeling things was overwhelming for me.  I remember rocking back and forth from severe anxiety and being depressed because of all the things that I felt.  That feels like forever ago now.  All the work I’ve done has been so totally worth it.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I wish you all the strength and courage to face your own Inner Battles!  I wish massive loads of clearing and healing to you all! Stay blessed!

We heal ourselves as we heal others

There’s been alot going on physically, energetically, spiritually, etc.  I became an Angelic Reiki Master roughly 2 weeks ago and so many changes are taking place in my world because of it.  …

Source: We heal ourselves as we heal others