Card 1 – Mental Conflict – This card indicates a mental struggle that may be leaving you feeling quite stuck and unable to move forward.  Perhaps you aren’t sure exactly how you should proceed.  Whatever the case is for you, ask yourself if these thoughts that you are having are based in love or fear.  Try to eliminate the concerns that you have that are fear based and then make the decision to move forward.  Things will start to come together for you after you make the decision to “unstick” yourself.  Meditation can help with this.

Card 2 – Emotional Withdrawal – This card represents a situation that you are withdrawing from emotionally or is advising you to remove some of the emotions you have tied up in the situation.  It can be difficult to find clarity when you’re so emotionally invested because you can get so caught up with the emotional aspect that you can actually leave out some of the logic that is necessary to see your way out of the situation.  Take a break!  Remove yourself from the situation, even if just temporarily, so that you can find a fresh approach to handling it.

Card 3 – Fulfillment of Wishes – Wonderful things are coming your way!  You’ve reached a level where all that you have been working towards can finally reach you now.  A congratulations is in order!  Be on the lookout for the treasures that are awaiting you as they are bigger than you have been hoping for.  Give thanks for all the blessings that are on their way to you now.

Card 4 – Solar Plexus Chakra – The solar plexus deals with your self esteem and your personal power.  This card indicates a situation surrounding you that is directly related to this chakra – your stomach may have been in knots lately or you may be experiencing other issues with your stomach and/or feelings of powerlessness.  Healing this chakra will allow you to see the power that you truly hold and to take action with confidence.  Eating yellow foods, wearing yellow clothing, and carrying crystals that correspond to this chakra is recommended for you at this time.

Thank you all for participating and please contact me if you would like to schedule your own personal reading!

Peace, love and blessings,


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