Card 1 – Opportunity Beckons – This card often speaks of an opportunity that you may be missing.  You may be caught up in some sort of sadness or situation that is causing you to turn your back on the possibilities that surround you.  Or perhaps you are so busy looking for it that you’re not able to see that it’s so close to you.  Either way, the opportunity is there!  It is up to you to open your eyes to it.

Card 2 – Nurture – This card indicates a lot of growth and healing taking place for you at this time.  You’re basking in all the lovely things that are happening for you – even if they aren’t actually taking place yet, you are certainly feeling all the good things to come!  This card also shows that you’ve been spreading your love and joy with others and being a light for them.  What a beautiful time for you!

Card 3 – Confront – Inner child healing.  You are being asked to face some wounds and traumas you experienced during childhood.  Many people aren’t aware of how the wounds suffered during childhood are carried into adulthood where they are recreated in order to attempt to heal the initial wound.  Healing this part of you will give you the results you desire.

Card 4 – Observe – There is much going on around you at this time.  Many changes are taking place for you on multiple levels.  You are seeing and feeling these changes and you may not even be fully aware of all that is really happening.  Observe the changes taking place.  Try not to get caught up in reacting to them.  Just allow the process to unfold naturally.  All is well and will lead to much growth and clarity for you.

I hope you received the messages meant for you! Contact me if you would like to schedule a personal reading.

Peace, love and blessings


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