Card 1 – Love – The message in this card is one of love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness for yourself as well as those around you. There may be a situation surrounding you that really needs these energies at this time so that healing can take place.  Try to shift any lower vibrational energies by seeing the situation through the eyes of Love.  This could give you the awareness that you need in order to truly move on.

Card 2 – Dawn – It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.  Things may have been difficult for you lately – there may have been a situation that was difficult to navigate and see your way out of but you are in the clear now.  Just ahead lies the new beginning you’ve been asking for.  You have made it through and better things await you now!  Embrace the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Card 3 – Tree – You are laying a firm foundation in your life at this time.  This could mean that your progress may not be so visible to the naked eye or perhaps you may feel that you aren’t where you had hoped you would be by now.  Know that you are in the beginning stage of your next endeavor and that grounding yourself is important in order for those plans/hopes/dreams of yours to take off!  Take the time now to build this foundation so that your plan has the support it needs in order to manifest.

Card 4 – Meadow – Fresh new ideas, inspirations and insights are surrounding you, giving you new life, in a sense.  You are like a flower bursting its way out of the soil that has held it down and covered it up for so long that is now filled with new possibilities, opportunities and motivation.  Use this vitality to keep reaching new heights.

Card 5 – Forest – This card is asking you to be still and focus.  I feel that there are some decisions that need to be made and things to be sorted through.  The forest is a place where you can go to in order to find the solitude and stillness needed to make the choices that are right for you.  You don’t literally need to go to the forest to make your decision or for the answer to find you – just relax and still your mind.  Allow the answers to come to you.

I hope I was able to bring you some insight and clarity today.  Please contact me if you would like to book your own personal reading session.  Thank you and have an awesome day!

3 Comments on “4-18-17 Intuitive Tuesday Reveal!

  1. Thank you, I picked 2 and 3 and as I have just moved the weekend into a wonderful house and I am grounding myself in it by painting the walls with love. I so needed conformation that it was the right thing to do and you just gave me that.
    Thank you for this xx


  2. Thank you, this is very timely;i was thinking about love and grounding, I even saw a pheasant in my garden. i guess the forest card is the answer. It’s like a personal reading. Blessings


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